How to keep your customers happy.

How to keep your customers happy.

How satisfied a customer feels is something that can be controlled. Unhappiness is normally a result of a breakdown in your company’s system, or an irregularity in the way you supply your product or service. These principles are certain to help you generate happy customers.Pre-Established Expectations – Picture asking and having one of your customers answer four easy questions for you prior to making the transaction. Ask the following 4 questions:

  • Why are you buying from us?
  • What do you desire to experience through buying from us?
  • What can we do to ensure that you have a great experience buying from our company?
  • What could we do to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase from us?

The Power of Consistency – What are you doing to become the greatest provider in your field? Consumers desire the best product, because they want an exceptional result. Yet, even more than an exceptional result, your customers want a predictable and consistent result. Why is it that McDonalds sells more hamburgers than anyone else? When I go into a strange town, I find that I am most inclined to go to McDonald’s, not because I particularly like it, but because I know what to expect. People do not want to spend time anticipating what kind of hamburger they will receive. There are many places that make better tasting hamburgers than McDonald’s, but no one is better at “making” hamburgers than McDonald’s.

People are only aware of what you tell them – We must keep an open line of communication with our customers. When a problem appears, handle it as quickly as possible. Give them direct and immediate attention. Are your phone lines always open? Is there a sufficient amount of team members who can respond to email queries? Can you respond to any request within 24 hours maximum? Do you do exactly what you say you will do in the time you said you would do it? A response in the affirmative to the previous questions will create customer confidence; a negative answer to the above questions will kill confidence in your company.

Do away with annoyances and create winning performance patterns – Are there habits or procedures you have that stop your customers from having a consistently good experience? Are you often late, or don’t make an effort to show up to meetings? Do you have obnoxious call hold music? Are your employees helpful and pleasant, or impatient and impersonal? Are you careless and unorganized? Your customers may see distractions that are keeping them from recognizing the real value you bring to them. Ask a few of your customers how they feel about their interactions with your company. Their answers may help you understand how you can improve.

People respond to directness and clarity – Customers are busy. Making assumptions, being roundabout, and not communicating clearly wastes time. Make a conscious effort to communicate clearly. Ask direct questions. You don’t want to leave understanding to the customer’s imagination.

No one needs enemies especially enemies that were a part of your paying customer base. Keep customer dissatisfaction at bay by using the principles we’ve previously stated and build consistency in your organization so that you achieve a predictable outcome every time. Everyone will be happier

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